Antique Samplers

sampler pictureCollectors of antique needlework but especially collectors of samplers are surely drawn to the design, beauty and history of each sampler, but it is the wonder that brings us back. Often we are able to learn something about the young girl who took a needle and with diligence and persistence unknown in the 21st century, created a work of art.

Research can sometimes provide much statistical Information about the artist with a needle - her age, birth and death dates, yet we wonder about her, and what she thought.

A sampler is needlework yet it is both history and art that speaks to us across the centuries.

Marking samplers, school girl needlework, Berlin work, perforated paper, petit point, needlework tools and exquisite needlework objects d'art, are showcased at Sew Long Ago, a needlework boutique in Sterling Virginia. View samplers online.

From late 1700's to early 20th century samplers, Sew Long Ago offers collectors a range of styles and designs, both framed and unframed. All framed samplers have been conserved by The Hang Up.

Sew Long Ago is also the boutique for an array of vintage linens including drawn work, crocheted items, scarves, pillowcases and vintage tablecloths.